Video production company in Rochester, NY

“We’re a small video production company based in the city that invented film and garbage plates, Rochester, NY.”

A video production company needs a whole crew of camera people, light people, sound people, producers, directors, makeup artists, actors, caterers, grips and writers to put together an awesome story. If you believe that, then we might not be the right people for you.

Our focus is always on having the smallest footprint possible, so that the people we work with can be comfortable and be their most natural authentic selves. That’s what we want to capture! The authentic and original stories that surround your brand or organization. That’s what we’re all about. 🙂

We don’t see ourselves as creators and artists but as listeners and discovers. The best stories aren’t the ones that are made up, the best stories are the ones that are already there. The ones that might be hidden under a thin layer of dirt and just need an Indian Jones type with a gentle hand to uncover them (that’s right we just compared ourselves to Indian Jones and said we have gentle hands in the same sentence).

So if that’s what you are looking for. If you are interested in discovering the real stories inside your organization or that surround your audience then we are the ones for  you.


  • Conversations lead to better stories than storyboards
  • Smaller footprints means less waste and better efficency
  • Friends make better listeners than producers
  • Creativity means nothing if it doesn’t create connections.

Ultimately, we believe video production (marketing) should be simple and authentic and the people you work with should understand all of that. That’s why we created Veggie Garden. Because we believe a video production company should be about more than just a pretty demo reel.

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